Friday 26 May 2017

Remove foreign objects from rear tray - MG5120

Check for Obstructions in the rear tray

If paper does not reach the Paper Edge Sensor, the LCD will show
[Rear tray.

There is no paper. Load paper and press OK].
Power off the printer.

Remove paper from the Rear Tray.

Look in the Rear Tray area for an obstruction. If there is any foreign material (such as
a piece of metal or pen) inside the printer, after turning the printer off and removing the
power cord from the outlet, remove the foreign material by hand, or with tweezers.

Open the scanning unit (printer cover) and confirm that there is no foreign material in the
printer. If there is any foreign material, remove it.

Avoid touching inner parts.

Close the scanning unit (printer cover).

When closing the scanning unit (printer cover), be careful not to jam your finger.

Power on the printer and confirm that the printer operates normally. See More ( )

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How to Diagnose Canon Printer Problems

Canon is one of the largest manufacturers of printers and copiers for home and office use. Canon printers come in several types and models, including laser, inkjet, photo and the very popular all-in-one printers that copy, scan, print and fax. As with all technical equipment, printers can misbehave. Follow the steps below to diagnose Canon printer problems

    General Issues

Check for a paper jam. Paper jams occur when one or more sheets of paper become stuck in the feeding or printing mechanism. Gently remove any jammed paper and reset the printer.
Check ink levels. Those ink cartridges run out fast. If your printer looks like it is printing but nothing comes out on the page, you might be out of ink. Try replacing the cartridge and printing again.

          Canon-Specific Issues

Check printer drivers. Navigate to "Control Panel > Printers > Right Click > Properties > Update Driver" to check for a new driver for your printer. You can also find drivers and software on the Canon Support site (see Resources).
Resolve the Waste Ink Error. Press menu on the printer and press scan/copy to enter service more. Press the right arrow to access "NVRAM." Set ABS-M level to 0. Set ABS-P level to 0. Press "Stop" to exit.

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Sunday 21 May 2017

How To Solve Canon Printer - Error Codes P02 and P07

P02 – Carriage Error, there is something wrong with your printer ink cartridge, it could be in wrong position, something blocked the chip (see at the back of cartridge), also P02 error code show sign that your print head is broken or faulty, try to take out both of the cartridge and then put it back.

P07 – Ink Absorber Is Full or Almost Full, you need to reset your printer, here is an article how to reset your canon mp287 printer. Follow the step, you can reset only if your absorber is almost full. You can’t reset if your ink absorber is full, to fix the absorber is full, you need to disassemble your printer and then replace the ink absorber (it’s just a pieces of sponge located in the printer), last time I just deep the sponge into water until the sponge is clean. I found a video but for MP258, the sponge located at the same position.

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Friday 19 May 2017

How to Set Up Wireless Canon Printer at Home

With the advent of plug-and-play wireless networks, no longer does a printer have to be tethered directly to your computer. Whether you're sharing a printer with multiple computers or you want to be able to print from any room where you're using a laptop, wireless printing is an easy things to set up


1 Understand the different ways to set up wireless printing. Any number of wireless (or hardwired) users can print by using one of the following scenarios:Printer hard-wired into the networkPrinter attached to an external wireless print serverPrinter with built-in wireless networkingPrinter hardwired to a computer on the network (this is the best option for older printers)

2 Determine the best location for the printer. Often the situation dictates this. If there are multiple computers sharing the printer, then convenient placement is best. As long as there is a strong wireless signal available, anywhere is good.

3 Set up printers hardwired into the network. If your printer is network-enabled (meaning it has a built-in Ethernet jack), then simply using a Cat 5 cable connects it to the network. Once it's on the network, all users can easily access the printer.

4 Use a wireless print server if there isn't a network jack (or router) available to plug your printer into. These are available for both Ethernet and USB-enabled printers, so this is an extremely common scenario. Before attaching your printer, confirm that the print server is visible on the network.

5 Set up printers with built-in wireless capability. Make sure you correctly configure the TCP/IP address, subnet mask and router info. Some models allow you to set this up directly on the printer itself, while others use proprietary software or are designed to use a Web browser.

6 Print wirelessly to a printer that is attached to another computer by enabling Printer Sharing on the host computer. This is the best bet for older printers that are attached via parallel cable. Important note: The host computer MUST be attached to the network!

7 Add the printer to all the computers. You can use the manufacturer's CD, but a better bet is to download the drivers from the Web, since up-to-date drivers tend to be more stable. Windows users then can add the printer by going to "Printers" in the Control Panel. Macintosh users add the printer by going to "Printers & Fax" in the System Preferences. (If you're a Linux user, then you should already know how to add a printer!) 

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How to Solve Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Error Code 5100 Carriage Error

Condition: An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.

Problems and Solutions:

    Smearing or scratches on the carriage slit film
     - clean the timing slit film.
    Foreign material or paper debris that obstructs the carriage movement;
     - remove foreign material.
    Ink tank conditions;
     - re-seat the ink tanks.
    If other solution fail, replace one off the following
    - Timing slit disk film
    - Carriage unit
    - Logic board
    - Carriage motor
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Why Does My Canon Multipass Printer Print Boxes Instead of Text?

The problem of a Canon Multipass printing only boxes is not uncommon. This issue actually can be seen on any printer, particularly older ones, and also will sometimes manifest in nonsense characters instead of just boxes.

Driver Issues

The most common reason for this problem is an incorrect or outdated print driver, which can be corrected easily by downloading the newest driver from the Canon website.

Spooler Issues

Sometimes the print spooler can become overwhelmed and lose track of jobs, causing nonsense printouts. This can be fixed by turning the printer off and then unplugging the connection to the computer for 30 seconds.

Memory Overload

Many printers (particularly older ones) have very little memory and are easily overloaded. Avoid this by limiting the amount of pages you send to your printer at once

Canon Pixma MP800: Troubleshooting Guide

Canon Pixma MP800: Troubleshooting Guide

Canon designed the PIXMA MP800 as an all-in-one printer, copier and scanner. It appeals to the home user who needs these office services but is limited for desk space. Even the best Canon printer can stop working. Troubleshoot your PIXMA MP800 to help find and fix common underlying problems that may affect the printer's performance.

Make sure the MP800 is plugged into a reliable power source--for the best results, plug it directly into an outlet instead of using an extension cable--and powered on if its front display panel is dark.
Check the front and back paper feeder slots if the MP800 makes strange noises or stops printing halfway through a printing job. The device may be clogged. Remove any pieces of paper that may be stuck.

Review the front LCD display screen for an error. The error message typically describes what's wrong and how to fix it.
Adjust the MP800's print head if your printer results look crooked or off-balance. Press the "On/Off" button to turn off the device, then turn it back on. Insert two A4-sized (letter size) sheets of plain paper into the MP800's top feeder slot. Press "Maintenance" on the MP800's display screen and use the arrow keys to scroll down to "Manual Head Align." Push "OK" and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the alignment process.
Dial the Canon printer support line at 8555172433 if you still can't get your PIXMA MP800 printer to work correctly

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